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SENTRO Statement for International Labor Day 2018

“Panahon na ng paniningil.” Two years after his election, Rodrigo Duterte continues to demonstrate his inability to deliver the promises of change and progress he sold to the Filipino people. The list of his transgressions against the working class is growing: failure to end contractualization, wanton loss of lives thru the war on drugs, more… Read more »

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Affected workers call for implementation of DOLE’s regularization order, Bats for the issuance of EO that will prohibit contracting

Workers from across industries are appealing to the government for the immediate implementation of previous Department of Labor and Employment’s order for regularization and has called on their respective companies to follow the example of set by fast food giant Jollibee as it recently agreed to regularize its contractual workers. “We laud the decision of… Read more »

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Workers to Duterte: fulfill your promise, get rid of endo!

President Duterte should immediately fulfill his campaign promise to end the prevalent practice of contractualization, more popularly known as “endo,” the Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at Progresibong Manggagawa (SENTRO) said on Tuesday as they staged their annual “the Passion of Christ the Worker” in observance of the Lenten season, which reenacts the many “crosses” of… Read more »

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DTI should impose its weight against rising inflation, not on labor

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) should impose its weight against rising inflation rather than keeping the labor price low under the policy of contractualization. The DTI has always been on the side of business, thus, when Secretary Ramon Lopez stated that contractualization “is not unfair to workers” he was essentially parroting the line… Read more »