Basic sectors to Duterte: Arestuhin ang presyo!

Bringing the prices down to affordable level is what the masses need under this regime of high inflation. It is therefore the surge in prices and the risks of economic downturn that must be contained immediately by President Duterte, not the freedom of his critics.

Arestuhin ang presyo, hindi ang mga kalaban mo, Mr. President. Sending Sen. Trillanes back to jail on flimsy grounds won’t benefit the people. It can only satisfy Duterte’s desire to eliminate his political opponents, not the people’s demand to be freed from economic crisis.

Ekonomiya ang problema ng bansa ngayon, hindi ang banta ng kudeta noon. Inflation hits more than 6% in August, the highest since 2009. The peso slid to 13-year low yesterday. Investments and the stock market are down. Quality jobs are getting scarce as underemployment is on the rise. Endo won’t stop while wages remain at starvation levels. Overall optimism on the economy is down.

All these point to the mismanagement of the economy and mishandling of priorities. The government rolled out the TRAIN to fund Duterte’s deadly war on drugs and the build,build, build (BBB) projects. The people, therefore, are the ones doing the sacrifice for this kind of mismanagement and misplaced priorities.

Yet the President is wasting his time, money and energy in unproductive search-and-destroy operations against his political enemies, creating in effect the notion that he is only on top of his personal agenda and not of the overall conduct of the economy because if he is, he can opt to stop his TRAIN to bring down prices, go after cartels to discipline the market, and arrest endo lords and mining lords who refuse to follow new policies and rules.

It is not the critics and political opposition who are pulling this country down. It is neither, Trillanes , Delima, Sereno, nor the protesting workers who are pushing the prices up or pulling the peso and investments down. It is clearly the President himself and his economic managers.

Arestuhin ang presyo! The basic sectors need immediate relief, not a continuing threat of a budding dictatorship.

Kalipunan ng mga Kilusang Masa
07 September 2018

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