Labor Group Banking on Pro-Worker Senatoriables to Ensure the End of Endo for ALL Workers

Today, tens of thousands of workers belonging to Sentro ng mga Progresibo at Nagkakaisang Manggagawa (Sentro) would march, together with NAGKAISA, in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao and General Santos to hold Mr. Duterte to account for his inability to deliver his campaign promise to end Endo.

Nagkaisa Labor Coalition

In Manila, a number of senatorial candidates like Bam Aquino, Chel Diokno and Erin Tañada would march with SENTRO leaders and members to press for the passage of the SOT Bill before the end of the 17th Congress.

“After 3 years, contractualization continues to be as prevalent as before,” said Josua Mata, secretary general of Sentro. “In fact, things turned from bad to worst after government policies like DO 174 legitimized the patently anti-labor practice of hiring non-regular workers,” Mata added.

The Security of Tenure Bill (SOT Bill) should have been enacted by time. Aside from being certified by the president, it was pushed by other worker-friendly senators. Unfortunately few senators like Cynthia Villar, a key ally of Mr. Duterte, seems intent on killing the bill.

“We would like to remind Mr. Duterte that it is his duty to ensure that SBN 1826 is enacted into law. As such, we demand that he order his minions in the Senate to stop blocking its passage,” Mata said.

The 17th Congress still has 9 session days to go before it adjourns. That should be enough time to shepherd the SOT bill into law.

“For the May 13 election, we are asking the workers not to vote for senatorial candidates, especially those seeking reelection, who are not willing to support the SOT bill,” Mata added.

SENTRO bemoans the fact that the administration’s senatorial candidates are deafening quiet about the need for the passage of the SOT Bill. This does not auger well for the working people.

Only the SOT bill can ensure that workers can actually access their constitutionally guaranteed rights – to organize, collectively bargain and to wage concerted actions. Without the SOT Bill, the country’s growth will continue to benefit only a handful of Filipinos – the top 1% of our population. This is patently unacceptable.

“We need legislators who will continue to work on ensuring security of tenure not just for the private sector, but of equal importance, of the public sector workers as well,” Mata said.  

For this reason, SENTRO is endorsing Bam Aquino, Chel Diokno, Erin Tañada, Samira Gutoc, Florin Hilbay and Sonny Matula as the working people’s preferred candidates for the Senate. SENTRO is also endorsing Akbayan and PM as the party-list of choice for its members.

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