Labor to Duterte: Instruct your senators not to obstruct security of tenure bill’s passage

(Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News)

Instead of merely expressing optimism for Congress to pass Security of Tenure (SOT) Bill, Mr. Duterte, at the very least, should instruct his allies in the Senate not to obstruct the enactment of SBN 1826 or the End of Endo Act of 2018.

“Almost sounding like a squeak, the call asking the Congress to pass measures that will fully protect workers’ rights especially to security of tenure and self-organization is uncharacteristic of the president who usually expresses policy instructions in colorful language,” observes Josua Mata, secretary general of Sentro ng mga Nagkakaisa at progesibong Manggawa (Sentro).

According to Mata, the 17th Congress have nine sessions left before the new Congress is called into order after the May election, and the Senate has yet to pass SBN 1826 on second and third reading.

“If they are really interested in supporting workers, the senators could simply forgo amending the bill. After all, the current version is already a compromise version,” Mata said.

To recall, according to Mata, re-electionist senator Cynthia Villar expressed her intention to introduce amendments to the SOT Bill, forcing the measure to enter a prolonged period of amendments.

“Failing to disclose her amendments until now, Senator Villar is silently but effectively killing the proposed security of tenure law,” Mata said. “The practice of declaring your intent to introduce amendment to a measure and then sitting on it is a favored tactic readily employed by legislators who do not want to be seen as opposing that bill,” he added.

There is no reason why the 17th Congress can’t pass the SOT Bill. “In fact, the Senate would take only a day to simply adopt the version of the House of Representatives, which was approved as early as January 2018,” Mata said.

Against this backdrop, Mata declared that, “the failure of the passage of the SOT is the failure of Mr. Duterte as a president!”

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