• Declaring Andres Bonifacio as the first President of the Philippines
  • Demand for the abolition not only of PDAF but all ‘pork-like’ discretionary funds in the legislative and executive branches of government, which are huge sources of corruption and political patronage, and to prosecute all the culprits in the pork barrel scam
  • Promoting sustainable employment based on regular, decent and secure jobs, as well as upgrading ‘social wages’ and protecting trade union rights
  • Resolution towards campaigning for a labour-sector endorsed Philippine National Industrial Policy
  • Resolution towards a critical review of the Philippines’ Participation in the Asean Economic Community (AEC) 2015
  • Developing organizing strategies and campaigns suited or effective in the respective industry or sector or locality of SENTRO affiliates
  • Uphold and ensure the sustainability of SENTRO and its affiliate organizations by standardizing percentage dues collection system, and streamlining dues payment and budget allocation in every organizational level
  • Creating a steady Workers’ Defense Fund that can promptly be used for any eventualities, especially during a major strike or a crucial legal case
  • Establishing a regular Workers’ Electoral Fund in support of the parliamentary


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